Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy Real Estate in Tamarindo

Top 5 Reasons Why buying Tamarindo Real Estate is not for everyone

  1. Overbuilt…Tamarindo Real Estate is pretty built up and not a lot of nature in the town.  The majority of the Tamarindo Real estate is also built pretty close to one another where you will find Tamarindo Condos on top of one another.
  2. Price….Tamarindo Real Estate tends to be priced then most of the real estate in the area.  Tamarindo Condos tend to have higher HOA dues than other developments located in nearby towns.
  3. Noise….Noise….buying Tamarindo Real Estate is not the quietest option when you consider that you will most likely have neighbors all around you including bars and restaurants and did I also mention that their tends to be more late night partying especially with younger vacation renters
  4. Traffic….their is only one two lane road going in and one road going out of town.  Their usually is a lot of congestion especially when you have a Coke delivery truck parked on one side so he can his deliveries. Did I also mention the influx of visitors during Christmas/New Year’s and Easter weeks. It can sometimes take 30 minutes to get in or out of town during the high season
  5. Crowded beaches….let’s face it you do not come to Costa Rica to have someone put their blanket or chair right next to you. When you think of beaches in Costa Rica most people imagine a beautiful pristine beach not crowded with people. Tamarindo Beach is not the most laid back beach if you want to relax during your vacation especially when you have a beach vendor coming by every ten minutes trying to sell you something.

The top 5 reasons are ones that you should consider before buying Tamarindo Real Estate.  These reasons are also why you may find Punta Playa Vistas more what you are looking for: quietness, abundant nature including parrots and monkeys, no traffic, no neighbors on top of you, reasonably priced with low HOA dues.